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I have been teaching many people acoustic and electric guitar from all age groups on a full time basis for the past 16 years and I am still overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and interest shown by everyone who comes to my purpose built Climate controlled sound proof Home studio in Melksham Wiltshire equipped with Full PA and Drum Kit, Bass, Keyboards. I am pretty well booked to capacity but never turn anyone away who is keen to play this wonderful instrument. I conduct the sessions/Lessons in a very relaxed manner and tend to hide the theory and teach within the song's requirements, although learning to play the guitar is at times difficult my aim is for everyone to enjoy learning this very versatile instrument and have fun in the process. I teach all ages of students from as early as 7 years old to people in their 60's.There is no age limit to those with enthusiasm; dedication and commitment although it's true to say that it is easier to learn from an early age. I currently teach in both Primary and Secondary schools and conduct private one to one lessons. I am a member of the RGT (Registry of Guitar Tutors) and can offer teaching to the syllabus of the London College of Music Accredited Qualification for this instrument if required. I have been fully screened and hold DBS checked (Disclosure and Barring certification) formerly CRB and fully trained and aware of safeguarding procedure

If you've ever fancied picking up a guitar and strumming a few chords either for your own recreation or in the pursuit of something more, then contact me on 07796237828 or email me on


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Absolute Beginners 
I introduce beginners to basic chord structures and write the melody tablature and any solo's along with bass lines and get everyone playing within a very short time, I specialise and focus on showing my student's how to play songs they particularly like and request, which then gives them the incentive to practice! I show Chord shapes and write the Melody tab to a particular tune and as they progress we then have the option to play the melody line through the chords! Cool!! ("Hey-Not everyone wants to sing!!") I encourage beginners to practice "little and often" In my experience its best to practice 10 mins a day rather than an hour every week. The first 2/3 weeks prove the most frustrating as during this time everyone has to concentrate on the co-ordination of both hands and of course put up with the mild discomfort of a little pain caused from pressing fingers onto the strings, but this passes with regular practice (Honest!) and fingers are quickly toughened up. 
I concentrate and focus very much on timing and strum patterns and use a drum machine to demonstrate initially the basic 4 time beat that the majority of songs have, as without timing- your great efforts will be wasted, it will not sound like the song you're wishing to play - Not ever!!

Intermediate Guitarists 
I also have a number of intermediate players who come wishing to improve and develop their guitar styles and techniques and helps players to progress from what I call practice mode to Performance mode! Throughout the sessions different Guitar styles and techniques are demonstrated on both Electric and Acoustic Guitars and have the option to experiment playing through a range of sound effects units, this gives an idea of what sounds can be achieved to enhance your own playing ability. Students are introduced to new and different Guitar playing styles and techniques with the chance to improve and develop your own particular guitar playing style.

Guitar Tuition Videos 
During my one to one lessons I make use of my iPad to video record the more complicated parts of a particular tune we are working on and the feedback has been very encouraging. The next obvious step is to produce Tuition video's to either support existing students and to offer these video's to students who live too far away to attend one to one sessions with me, I can also give live tuition via Face time and skype - could this be for you? please see members home page above.

Membership Video

I have already requested all of my existing customers to register for membership and once excepted will have full free access to the ever-growing back catalogue of songs and tunes to support the material we have either learn't or currently learning during our lessons . 

Members will automatically have free access to future catalogue of videos that are currently available to purchase too.

The tuition video's show me playing the song and the break down   

 into manageable segments in order for the student to not only learn the elements and layers of the particular piece but enable the player to perform the song in a confident polished manner.

If you would like to become a member of our every growing exclusive Guitar club please subscribe here

Existing School Members subscription already included in lesson fees

(no additional payment required) 

May take up to 24 hours to be accepted 

Brief History of Me 
I started to learn to play the guitar with my Dad at the age of 8 and apparently picked it up relatively quickly and within 2 years was out playing to audiences in small venues. They were very good times and I got to meet a lot of people and share my love of music with them. During the next 20 years I enjoyed playing many styles of music from classic Rock-Pop and all the standards and played with a number of Dance Bands, Duo's and gained a lot of experience with playing with other musicians. I played at a semi-pro level while pursuing a career in Print and Marketing! I formed a couple of bands and wrote and performed our own songs and did the usual Record company rounds and got some interest, even released a single! (I've got a stack of them somewhere) but alas it was not to be, I was being saved for something even better!! I started giving Guitar Lessons in 2004 and I have not looked back since and met some wonderful characters on the way! 
Along with a busy schedule of private tuition I teach in 12 schools and manage a further 20 schools , I also do Session work for a number of Record Companies both in studio recording and live work and consider myself so lucky 

Frequently asked questions 

Do I have to learn to read music to play the guitar? 
It is not essential to read music to play guitar but understanding a few basics helps. I show my students what they need to get started. If they want to learn more later on they can.

How long will I take to learn? 
There is no "average" student and everyone learns at a different rate. However, assuming you have a weekly lesson and practice regularly I can usually have you playing something musical within 4-6 weeks or even less.

How much should I spend on a guitar? 
This is up to you but buy the best you can afford without spending a fortune. Entry level electric and acoustic guitars are available just over £100 - there are cheaper but I would not recommend them. 
Remember to budget for an amplifier when buying an electric. A reasonable practice amp can be bought for £75 upward. If you know anyone who plays it may be a good idea to take them along when you to buy your first instrument.

How often should I practice? 
It is better to practice every day for half an hour than four hours once a week. Picking up the guitar every day will make you feel more comfortable as you become more familiar with the instrument. You are also less likely to spend time re- tracing the progress from the last practice session is you practice more frequently.

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